M44 Visual-Tactile Breast Examination Simulator

  • M44 Visual-Tactile Breast Examination Simulator


This model allows training in differentiation of four typical breast lumps including a cancer with dimple sign. Palpable clavicle and ribs are also embedded under the soft breast tissue. Effective both for professionals and for breast-self-examination education.


  1. Four typical breast lumps can be differentiated by palpation: two breast cancers (cancer with dimpling sign and cancer with skin depression), fibroadenoma and mastopathy.
  2. Examination skills for skin dimple can be practiced.
  3. Palpable collarbone and rib structure are embedded.


Set includes:

  • 1 breast model attached to the case
    • A: cancer with dimple sign
    • B: cancer with depression in the skin
    • C: fibroadenoma
    • D: mastopathy
  • 1 talcum powder

Model with case size:

20 x 28 x 15H cm, 2 kg

Packing size:

21 x 30 x 17H cm, 2.2 kg

*Specifications are subject to change.