M74 2-way model of the gluteal muscle injection

  • M74 2-way model of the gluteal muscle injection


We adopted a new material that needle marks are hard to remain. Three injection methods can be acquired with one unit.


1. The model consists of three layers of soft skin, muscular layer and hard base skeleton, and the injection site can be confirmed by palpation with a feeling close to the actual feeling.

2. The injection site measurement is compatible with three types of methods, the quadrant method, the Hochstetta method, and the Clark point.

3. At the time of injection penetration, lamp indication is used to judge the correctness of injection site such as position and depth, and warns with lamp indication.

4. When injecting into the right injection site it is possible to actually inject the drug solution (water).

5. The skin of the model uses a special resin and almost no needle mark remains after insertion.

6. It is possible to palpe the greater trochanter, the anterior superior iliac spine, the posterior iliac spine, and the sacral as a guide of the injection site.

7. The skin and muscle area can be exchanged. 


  • Adult woman with hip shape

  • Full size

  • Weight: Approximately 3.2 kg

  • Material: soft special resin · hard resin (three-tier structure)

  • 9 V battery / AC adapter for 100 V (both)

  • With a stand for Hochstetta method

  • Special case

Replacement Parts


11213-050 controller

11213-030 Hochstedt sensor

11213-010 skin

11213-020 Quadrant / three way part sensor

11213-040 Clark's point sensor