M92 Digital Rectal Examination Simulator

  • M92 Digital Rectal Examination Simulator


Digital Rectal Examination Simulator is a unique trainer designed for training in differentiation of rectal diseases by palpation. Four interchangeable rectum units are included.
Trainee can also palpate normal prostate or endocervix.
Life-like rectum is palpable up to seven cm depth.

  • High-fidelity sphincter resistance and feeling of rectum wall allows excellent hands-on DRE training before passing on to patients.


Set includes:

  • 1 lumbar torso (unisex)
  • 4 rectum units:
    1 normal,
    2 rectal cancers,
    1 rectum with polyps
  • 1 prostate unit
  • 1 endocervix unit
  • 1 jar of Vaseline
  • 1 carrying case

Manikin size:

manikin size: 30 x 35 x 29H cm, 6.2 kg

Packing size:

packing size: 44 x 53 x 53H cm, 13 kg

*Specifications are subject to change.


Replacement Parts

11269-110 rectum unit #1 (normal)
11269-120 rectum unit #2 (cancer A)
11269-130 rectum unit #3 (cancer B)
11269-140 rectum unit #4 (rectum with polyps)
11269-150 prostate unit
11269-160 endocervix unit