US-7 Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom

  • US-7 Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom


SPACE FAN-ST provides high quality training for second trimester screening in pregnancy. A 23-week fetus is included with detailed anatomies which are essential for the assessment at the period. This is a unique fetus ultrasound phantom with a full skeletal structure.


1. SPACE FAN-ST provides hig quality training for routine second trimester screening
2. The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set in four different positons.


Uterus: amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord and a 23-weeks fetus (26cm).
Fetus: skeltal structure, brain with septum lucidum, lateral ventricles and cerebellum, heart with four chambers, lungs, spleen, kidneys, aorta, UV, UA and the external genital.


  • 1 mother body torso
  • 1 ultrasound pregnant uterus phantom
  • 1 fetus demonstration model
  • 1 carrying bag

phantom size: approx,40 x 29 x 22cm

weight: approx, 6kg

*Specifications are subject to change.

Keterampilan Pelatihan

Fetal size assessment: BPD, AD, AC and FL

Confirmation of normal fetus situs
Fetal anatomy assessment:
head and brain, heart and lung, abdominal organs, spine and bones.

Placental localization

Evaluation of amniotic fluid volume