PH-49 CT Colonography Phantom NCCS

  • PH-49  CT Colonography Phantom NCCS


Innovative study tool for safe and effective CT Colon screening.


1. Cylindrical colon units with targets that represent polyps can be set at the position of ascending colon, descending colon and rectum in the life-size lower torso phantom.

2. Four types of colon units are included for evaluation. Each unit has six targets lining in sequence on the inner wall of the unit. Depressed types are to evaluate tumor detection sensitivity and projection types can be used to evaluate volume measurement accuracy.
 Depressed l: circle targets with fixed diameter
 Depressed ll: circle targets with fixed height
 Projection l: half-ellipsoid sphere targets with fixed diameter
 Projection ll: half-ellipsoid sphere targets with fixed ratio

3. Contrast agent can be poured into the colon units for tagging.

4. Pencil shaped ion chambers can be inserted in the center of the phantom for CTDI measurement.

-Virtual colonography

-Visualization and detection of targets

-Study on optimal dose for low dose CT colonography

-Evaluation of accuracy of measurement (size, volume>

-Study on optimal density of contrast media


Set Includes:

  • 1 lower torso phantom

    (with three holes for colon units and one hole for ion chamber)

  • 3 plugs for colon unit hole

  • 1 plug for ion chamber hole

  • 4 types of colon units

    (depressed l, depressed ll, projection l and projection ll)

  • 1 acrylic container


phantom size: approx. W35xD21xH38cm/W13.7xD8.2xH14.9inch

weight: approx. 18kg/39.1lb

*Specifications are subject to change