PH-48 Dynamic Heart and Lung Phantom

  • PH-48 Dynamic Heart and Lung Phantom


The motion of diaphragm and tumor and the realistic heart motions provide various solutions clinical researh.



CT Colon phantom, kyotokagaku

1.The phantom represents movement of the human heart, lungs and pulmonary nodule.
2. The pulmonary nodule and diaphragm moves independently from the respiratory cycle.
-Three dimensional movement of the pulmonary nodule (linearly and rotationa).
-Life-size male chest torso phantom with human tissue substitute.
3. The elastic heart represents systolic and diastolic motion. The coronary vessels including stenotic examples are shown.
-The phantom can be connected to ECG for ECG gating.
-Motion disc represents movement of abdomen for respiration.
-Simple operation with wireless tablet.


Set Includes:

  • 1 lower torso phantom

    (with three holes for colon units and one hole for ion chamber)

  • 3 plugs for colon unit hole

  • 1 plug for ion chamber hole

  • 4 types of colon units

    (depressed l, depressed ll, projection l and projection ll)

  • 1 acrylic container


phantom size: approx. W×D×Hcm

weight: approx. kg

*Specifications are subject to change.