MW25 Patient Care Simulator

  • MW25 Patient Care Simulator
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With its various patient settings and a range of training features, "Yaye" brings uninterrupted training flow in community care and in-hospital procedures.


Features of MW25 "Yaye"

More than 40 patient care training skills

"Yaye" serves an array of trainees from students to experienced nurses with its various training skills. Find out the details below.



Assessment of chest and abdomen

Soft and elastic abdomen allows deep palpation. Anatomical landmarks and soft tissue offer realistic training.



Airway management and CPR

Training of intubation assistance can be performed in setting of critical care such as perioperative period and in ICU.



Appearance variety

Variations in face masks, wigs, and external genitals offers wide possibilities of simulation settings and realistic training. *The elderly face mask and the gray wig are optional parts.







Specifications and Set Includes of MW25


  • Manikin size: 152cm
  • Weight: 17kg

Set Includes

  • 1 manikin
  • 1 denture
  • 1 wig (black)
  • 1 face mask (young)
  • 1 injection pad (median vein)
  • 2 shoulder injection pads
  • 2 thigh injection pads
  • 2 hip IM pads
  • 1 female genitalia (catheterization)
  • 1 female genitalia (supporsitory insertion/digital disimpaction)
  • 1 set of simulated supporsitory
  • 1 set of simulated feces
  • 1 lubricant (for airway suction etc.)
  • 1 lubricant (for catheterization etc.)
  • 1 irrigation bag
  • 1 drainage pump (urinary bladder)
  • 1 drainage pump (rectum)
  • 1 drainage hose
  • 1 pajama
  • 1 instruction manual

Keterampilan Pelatihan

Training Skills of MW25


  • Tube Feeding (oral/nasal)


  • Enema
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Stoma care
  • Bowel irrigation
  • Bedpan practice


  • Body positioning
  • Passive exercise
  • Wheelchair transfer


  • Oral care
  • Bed bathing
  • Partial bathing
  • Change of clothes
  • Perineal care
  • Hair care
  • Grooming and appearance

Respiratory Care

  • Oxygen inhalation
  • Airway suction
  • Postual drainage
  • Tracheotomy care

Wound Care

  • Pressure sore care
  • Bandaging

Drug Administration

  • Suppository
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Intravenous injection and infusion

Critical Care

  • Intubation assistance
  • Chest compression
  • Airway management


  • Assessment of chest and abdomen
  • BP measurement *only procedure, no outcome
  • Auscultation *only procedure, no outcome
  • Pulse taking *only procedure, no outcome

Pain management

  • Fomentation


  • Stomach pumping
  • Vaginal douche
  • Postmortem care