M89 Oral Care Simulator

  • M89 Oral Care Simulator


Effective oral care protects elderly people from pneumonia. The importance of basic oral hygiene and dentistry has been increasingly recognized in nursing and medical science.


  • This oral care model has a life-like sublingual and replaceable denture.

  • This allows for practicing realistic oral cleaning procedure through use of simulated residue.

  • Settings to accommodate different patient postures necessary for practicing multiple procedures.

  • The replaceable denture is realistic, allowing practical training of placement and maintenance.

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oral care model kyoto kagaku

  • Basics of oral care
  • Maintenance of dentures necessary for practicing multiple procedures
  • Denture replacement skills



Set includes:

  • 1 oral model with the base stand
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 tooth brash
  • 1 denture case
  • 1 simulated residue

Manikin size:


Replacement Parts

11277-020: 1 denture